Super Junior’s Sungmin to focus on comeback album; does not apply to Seoul police department



SM Entertainment recently released news on Sungmin’s past decision to apply for the police force and his current thoughts.

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Our name, Infinite, means ‘limitless’. We never put a restriction on our possibilities and we will always improve
— INFINITE Sungkyu (via iris4289)
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4 years with INFINITE  

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9th June 2014 

Happy 4th anniversary INFINITE 

congratulations on reaching yet another milestone my loves. i haven’t seen you through since the beginning, but the seven of you have helped me through my own milestones, ever since i became an Inspirit.

you gave me courage and kept me calm, when i was scared to death. you kept my chin up and encouraged me when i was stressed and close to a mental breakdown. you’ve given me friends to welcome early mornings and brave long nights with. and most of all, you’ve given me a place to belong to, with your Inspirits.

please continue to be the INFINITE we know and adore: main character grandpa Sunggyu, smiley angel Dongwoo, greasy king of hearts Woohyun, sassy god Hoya, handsome choding Sungyeol, derpy glutton L, and dependable manly Sungjong.

we know that you always do your best, but please take care of yourselves, and each other. never forget that we love you and we’ll continue to work hard to make you proud of us. 

infinitely yours,
Inspirits ♡

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2010 → ∞

2010 → ∞

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4 years with Infinite
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“We hope that we can live up to our name of Infinite and infinitely improve as we’ll work hard to do so.”

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Eternity x the Chaser — VIxx (ft. Infinite)

Credit: 김동우

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Sungjong x Self Cams~
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Could anything get worst?
Kill me now.